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A Christmas for Two

Covid 2019 changed our Christmas plans just a little ;), Instead of an energetic full family get together in Weyburn we had an intimate Christmas for two at home. After the tears, I set out to embrace it the best I could! The following photos are the result!

The setting was inspired by this photo taken by photography educators Amy and Jordan. I love how happy and relaxed the couple looks and that's totally what I wanted for Ben and I's special dinner together. When I showed my sister Star these photos, her first comment was on the chicken. So the recipe I adapted for it is found here. I added thyme and rosmary to the top as well and left out the cumin.

Is it perfect, no. But did I put myself out there and go for it, totally! I went all in, and I'm glad. Ben and I enjoyed laughing and eating together after the photos were done and finished with some kitchen dancing.

I'm finding trying my ideas is a fun way to live. Thanks for coming along on the journey!

Your friend,


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