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My Winter Forest Engagement Session

This past January Benjamin John Harrison asked me to be his wife! I could list a thousand reasons why he is the guy for me but let's just say I am marrying out of my league. I am so grateful! He has been inspiring me since our first date and it is a dream come true to now be his fiance.

I've been cheering on engaged friends for almost a decade now so it felt surreal it was really my turn! For our session, I took inspiration from two amazing winter engagement shoots.

Karina did my makeup, Starlet curled my hair, and Milessa took the photos while my mom watched her kids! It doesn't get better than your whole family working together to help you get the photos of your dreams!

After the session, as I looked through the photos, I was almost speechless. Wearing a fur coat from my childhood dress-up box had felt risky, I was so thankful I was happy with the results!

I chose to edit them all black and white.

Thank you for checking out my engagement post. I hope it inspires you to go for your dreams in every area of life!

Your friend,


The End :)

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