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Medicine Hat Fall Session

This was a spontaneous session with my sister's family in the fall of 2019 but I got behind at the time and never blogged it. I used to think if I didn't get it up the next day I had missed my chance. However, now I'm over that, even past beauty is beauty worth celebrating!

On this Friday I was heading home to Weyburn but the leaves were so gorgeous they were begging me to come to photograph a family session under them! Thankfully Milessa and her family were up for being spontaneous. Last-minute we put their outfits together and headed to this spot behind the post office in Medicine Hat on the side of the coulee.

I think photos are a way to spend quality time with your family. I also think they can contribute to your families sense of belonging. This session did both those things and reminded me how beautiful nature is!

Thank you Milessa and Justin for embracing this session with me. You are some of my favourite people and I love photographing you!

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