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5 Tips to Nail Your Family Photos

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

We all want beautiful photos of our families. However, sometimes it's easier said than done. Here are 5 tips to help you maximize your investment in family photos!

1. Choose a Photographer That's the Right Fit

Every photographer has a style! If you want studio pictures of your family dressed up with props a natural light photographer who shoots lifestyle is not for you. If you don't understand the difference that's okay, it just means you're going to have to do some research to find out what your prefered style is. Here are two links to Lloydminster photographers with very different styles:

2. Pick The Right Location and Time For You

There are tons of beautiful locations around but if your kids are hungry and grumpy by the time you get there it makes it a lot harder to get relaxed happy photos! The photo below was taken right in front of the Hamel family house. Their oldest daughter was sick with the stomach flu but made it out for a few minutes to get the pics done.

3. Choose Five Wardrobe Colours

You want your outfits to complement each other not totally match. Start by picking a dark and light shade of one colour. Next, select a colour that compliments your first choice. Lastly, select two to three neutrals. This strategy will help your outfits look effortlessly sharp!

4. Have Fun

It can be tempting to feel pressure at the session. Try to relax and enjoy being with your family. Tickle your kids unexpectedly, whisper why you love them in their ear, and show some PDA with your spouse! When you get your photos you'll be glad you did! It will result in more relaxed and beautiful photos, not to mention you'll have great memories associated with them!

5. Treat Yourself

If you can, treating yourself is a great way to help your family photos succeed. Buy yourself one new piece you feel great in. Schedule a hair appointment for the day before or the morning of. Ask a girlfriend or grandparent if they will come over and help with the kids while you get ready. If you feel great you'll be happy and relaxed and this will rub off on your spouse and kids!

There you have it! Our five tips to nail your family photos!

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