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5 Tips For Taking Portraits of Your Kids at Home.

Updated: Dec 8, 2021


By: Brooke M. Harrison

1. Nail the light.

If you are inside have your kids face a window. This means their faces will be lit with the natural light coming in. Move them back or forward depending on how bright and direct the light is. You want their face lit up without it being so bright they squint.

2. Pick the best background.

Use a blank wall, or hang a white sheet or table cloth over the back of your couch to create a clean, simple backdrop.

3. Plan for when your kids are usually happiest.

Whether it's first thing in the morning, or right after a nap, timing is important to help you get relaxed and happy photos of your kids! Go with the time of day when they are at their best.

4. Find a helper.

Ask an older sibling, another parent, or a grandparent to help. Have the helper get your little one to smile and laugh with funny faces, peek-a-boo, or a toy. If your child is a toddler and mobile they may have to pick them up and put them back in the ideal location a few times. Work together to time your photo for as soon as they put them down!

5. Use these simple edits.

Once you've got your shot, use your in-phone editor to make the best of your photos. Slide your shadows, brightness, and black settings slightly to the right to make your photo bright and airy. Lastly, slide your contrast setting slightly to the left to bring back a bit more depth.

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