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Three totes under $10 in Lloydminster

1. Black and White Co-op Tote

Price: $3.99

Local Store: Co-op Food Store

I love the live local messaging. It has great black and white graphics that give it a hip minimalist look. I sport it to run errands, at the beach, or when taking my journal and laptop out with me to a cafe. I find it pairs well with almost anything!

2. Beige I Heart Small Business Tote

Price: $7.97

Local Store: Home Hardware

I think the graphic on this bag is so cute, just looking at it gives me warm fuzzies! Not only is this bag designed in Canada and sold locally, profits from its purchase contribute to Education Without Borders! That's a win, win, win!

3. Miscellaneous Interval Store Tote

Price: $2.00

Local Store: The Interval Store

I would have loved to find a third new option but sadly I just couldn't. So, I ended up buying this bag from The Interval Store! It is great quality and only cost me $2!! Granted you won't be able to find the exact same bag as me since the store only carries used items. However, I think it's still worth mentioning because they had so many! Shopping used is better for our planet and really makes our community stronger since 100 per cent of the profits at The Interval Store go to supporting abused and homeless women and children!

Thank you for visiting my blog, I feel blessed you stopped by!

Your friend,


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