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Integrity Spinal Care In Medicine Hat Alberta

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

As this month marks Integrity Spinal Care's second year in business I thought I would share some office and headshots I took of my amazing brother in law Dr. Justin Gauthier and my sister Milessa at their chiropractor clinic in Medicine Hat Alberta!

Justin specializes in a Chiropractic technic called NUCCA. He uses high-quality x-ray equipment to take extremely accurate x rays of how your atlas (head bone) are sitting on your spine. He uses these x rays to determine how to make your adjustment to align your atlas with your spine! When these bones are aligned your nerves and body is able to function considerably better and has tons of positive results!

I don't know anyone who works harder to learn everything they can and serves their patients so wholeheartedly. This doctor cares! I also am so inspired by how Milessa has turned into the ultimate girl boss and is crushing the office management. Together they are a beautiful and inspiring team.

Below are the promotion shots I was blessed to take of them and their office! I hope you enjoy becoming more familiar with their business. If you'd like to see more you can visit their website,, or you can follow them on Instagram here:

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