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A Photo Session with the Amazing Kiteen Marie

Kiteen Marie is a mom-life and fashion blogger from Weyburn Saskatchewan. I photographed her back in 2019 but unfortunately have never blogged the session. So, without further ado, today is the day!!

Kiteen was simply AMAZING to photograph! She has such a great persona and her smile lights up her whole face! Positive, energetic, and incredibly humble are just a couple of characteristics I recognized in her right away. We drove together to our first location, she asked me about myself, shared things she is learning, and asked if I don't mind if she changes in the car! She is seriously so cool; a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do, am I right?

I love that her small-town location hasn't stopped her from being who she is and doing what she loves. She proves that you can be artistic, fabulous, and stylish even living in small-town Sk.

Kiteen, the way you claim all parts of who you are, farm wife, fashionista, and mom is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your energy, creativity, and ability to find a bargain with the world. I believe it's a better place because of you!!

Your forever fan,


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