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3 Reasons to Visit Lloydminster's Outdoor Farmers' Market - Fall 2020

Lloydminster has three markets and two of them run all year round! The Outdoor Farmers' Market is currently located in the parking lot of the Lloydminster Cultural and Science Center. Highway 16 East and 45 AVE. I love it because it's outside and Prairie Lily Coffee is one of the vendors.

If you haven't checked it out here are three reasons you should consider going!

1. It is fun.

Espresso beverages, fresh baking, and friendly vendors make the Outdoor Farmers' Market a ton of fun! It's a great place to wear a new artsy outfit and meet up with friends for a latte from Prairie Lily Coffee! Take a photo at the historic church beside the parking lot. If you are new to town it's a great way to get out of the house and get a feel for Lloydminster.

2. It improves your health.

There are few things better for your health than being outside and eating veggies. At the Outdoor Farmers' Market, you can do both! The carrots I bought last weekend tasted straight out of a garden. If you have eaten homegrown garden carrots before you know what I mean, they are an awesome tasty snack! So, consider taking a stroll and buying some veggies to munch on at the Outdoor Farmers' Market. You will be eating local.

3. It makes your community stronger.

The farmers' market builds social connection. While purchasing directly from producers you can ask them questions, thank them for their product, and visit with others buying the same thing. This human connection makes us happier people. Happy connected people are the glue of strong communities!

It also improves our local economy. When we shop at our local market more profit goes directly to the farmer or producer. As a local resident, they are more likely to spend their earnings in our community and support other local businesses resulting in our community's economic development. This is great for our community as a whole because a stronger economy means more parks, better facilities, and usually less stressed people.


Want to find out more about Lloydminster Outdoor Farmers' Market!? Follow along here:

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