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Medicine Hat River Bank Session

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Roger and Barb were my first official shoot in Medicine Hat!

Medicine Hat is a beautiful city and I was so excited to try out one of the many wonderful session locations. We started at city hall and then moved down the street closer to the edge of the river.

What I loved about this session was Barb and Roger were up for anything! Despite soar feet after a long work day they tuffed it out and trucked through tall grass to get to perfect lighting! They also tried some new poses I'd never suggested before and laughed when some of them didn't go exactly as I planned.

Barb and Roger, thank you for reminding me to seize the day and to be grateful for the people around me! I hope you enjoy these photos celebrating the love you share!

The End! Thanks so much for viewing this blog post! :)

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