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Cody and Dayna's Wascana Family Session

Cody and Dayna are also photographers and have been a great encouragement to me! They photographed my older sister's wedding and did a beautiful job! They always have time to answer a question, have me over for a lesson on colour calibrating, or to give me an encouraging word! Their investment and belief in me has played a significant role in my photography journey!

They have three lively boys, Cooper, Jack, and Charlie! We met by The Willow on Wascana and embraced the beautiful wood buildings, docks, and the lake! I love the enthusiasm and joy their boys bring. Cody is especially good at making them laugh and there was no shortage of smiles and giggles that evening.

A highlight of the shoot was Cooper and Jack helping me get Charlie to look at the camera for his portraits. Seeing families interact and know how to make each other smile is one of my favourite parts of photography! I also don't think you can beat Jack's twinkling eyes or Cooper's enthusiasm to show me their favourite wooden building!

Cody and Dayna, being around you guys is such a privilege! I am so grateful you have supported and believed in me! Thank you for allowing me to take your 2019 family photos. I hope you enjoy this blog post celebrating your family!


The End! Thanks so much for viewing this blog post! :)

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