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3 Locations to Take Engagement Photos in and around Lloydminster.


By: Brooke M. Harrison

1. Bud Miller All Seasons Park

Bud Miller All Seasons Park is beautiful and right in town. Located in the heart of Lloydminster it is easy to find, has ample parking, and washrooms nearby for a wardrobe change. The pond provides a beautiful, refreshing background even when frozen over. The variety of trees make every session look unique. Lastly, the park has just enough hills to create interesting elevation changes.

2. Battle Creek

The creek is located about 45 minutes southeast of Lloydminster. It is a gorgeous and private spot. The creak tends to be low in the fall which means you can wade in for some epic water shots. In addition to the water; there is an industrial bridge. Views from the top of the coulee create perfect backdrops.

3. Wainright Trestle Bridge

The trestle bridge is located 15 minutes east of Wainright. Soaring across the coulee, the large trestles are exciting to explore and magnificent to photograph. They are so large and really something to see up close. Getting close to them is totally worth it. If you like cattle this location sometimes has a herd grazing nearby! ;)

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