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10 Awesome Things about Lloydminster: Part 1

10 Awesome Things about Lloydminster: Part 1

By: Brooke M. Harrison

1. Not Too Big

Lloydminster is home to around 31,000 people. I love so many things about this city but the fact that you can drive almost anywhere in 10 minutes or less is one of my favourites. It is also easy to navigate the city with the majority of services being along the two highways that intersect directly in the centre of the city. I appreciate the roads such as 12 Street (on the south end of the city) that make it easy to drive around the city and enjoy a bit of the countryside while heading to your destination.

2. Amazing Shopping

Lloydminster has an amazing assortment of local boutiques and chain stores. There are multiple local boutiques focused on women's clothing and interior design. Check out some of my favourite options here: My favourite Lloydminster Women's Boutiques. Popular chains like Winners, Homesense, Coles, and Michaels are also available to meet all of your style and home decor dreams!

If you know me you know that I am a thrift store junkie. It's a way I can support my shopping addiction while still keeping my bank balance in check. Lloydminster doesn't disappoint in this category either with the 6th second-hand store opening shortly.

Lastly, Lloydminster has year around farmers' markets. Yep, you heard me, local produce such as eggs, meat, bread, and other household goods can be found at not one but two farmers' markets year-around here in the amazing city of Lloydminster!

3. Great Recreation Facilities

Lloydminster boasts an amazing field house/rink called the Servus Sports Centre. It has two ice surfaces, a beautiful gym, an indoor walking track, and 2 indoor field houses that can support soccer, volleyball and basketball (even badminton).

The Bioclean Aquatic Centre is Lloyd's swimming centre. This is a great facility for a town this size as it features a great water slide, wave pool, and both a steam room and sauna!

Finally, Hoop Factory, a facility focused on basketball, recently opened and has drop-in gym time options so your kids can have fun or practice this sport outside of school hours!

4. Christ-Centred Churches

Another thing I value in a community is a group of people I can worship and seek Jesus with.

Let me tell you, Lloydminster has that! Some congregations that I think are great are First Baptist Church, Lloydminster Gospel Fellowship, and Southridge Community Church. Bible-based preaching, servant leaders, and community outreach are happening here!

5. It's Beautiful

Okay, Lloydminster is not the Rockies but if you are looking for a lush place in a region with plenty of trees and lots of water Lloydminster might just be the place for you. We are close to several lakes. We also have several ponds in town. In the summer they are great to walk around and surrounded by lush green landscaping. In the winter they create great outdoor hockey rinks. Another beautiful aspect of Lloydminster is the amount of gorgeous hoarfrost. Lots of snow and fog, with limited wind, mean the snow piles up on the trees and the hoar frost can stay for days giving this city a unique and charming winter wonderland vibe!

There you have it the first 5 awesome things about Lloydminster. Stay tuned next week for my last 5 favourite things!

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